About Us

From our humble beginnings as a small family run business, we have grown from strength to strength into what you see today. We pride ourselves on the strong values in which the business has been built upon.

Pendle Engineering are pleased to offer a consistent and easy to manage supply chain. Through building strong relationships with suppliers we are able to offer our customers a fair deal, within a good timescale.

We reward hard work, provide fair pricing for our customers and balance the success of the company with the personal development and success of everyone who works with and for us.


26 Oct 2018
October 2018 sees the installation of a pair of 5-tonne gantry cranes in Unit 7 allowing us some serious lifting power!  


2 Sep 2018
We have recently invested in 4 electric pallet trucks. This has allowed us to limit the use of our fuel powered fork lift trucks inside the building.  Our aim was to create a safer & cleaner environment for our team as well as reducing our carbon footprint.


2 Jun 2018
2018 has seen us sign on the dotted line and purchase Unit 7; the newest addition to the manufacturing space at Pendle Engineering. The acquisition of this building not only took our floorplan to just over 100,000 sq. ft but has allowed us to take on some incredibly large projects without disrupting our existing floor space.


20 Mar 2018
Introducing the latest edition to our fleet! Helping to facilitate urgent deliveries and a bit of advertising along the way!

BRIGHT IDEAS! - October 2017

1 Oct 2017
As the phrase goes “Let there be light!” and there is light; our recent investment of over £60,000 on LED lighting throughout our workshops not only helps to make it a brighter and safer space in which to work but also considerably reduces our electricity consumption.