New Telephone System

Author:   Date: 2 Oct 2017

Thanks for calling Pendle!

What’s going on?

Pendle Engineering has upgraded its telephone system, and introduced an auto-attendant which will direct each call to the appropriate Pendle colleague. The new system also provides a clearer split between our two main brands, Pendle Engineering and Pendle Bike Racks.

What do we think?

“As part of our commitment to clear, effective and timely communication, we have taken the decision to upgrade our suite of telephone equipment. At the same time we have brought in a brand-new call handling auto-attendant. The new system will ensure that callers get to the right people as quickly as possible, and importantly make sure that every phone call we receive is answered. – Chris Smith, managing director of Pendle Engineering.

What happens now?

The new system is now live, and we encourage our callers to leave feedback on the new system. If you suffer any disconnections or are struggling to get hold of the right person, please let us know and we will do everything we can to improve the customer experience.


“A third of our management team started out as apprentices at Pendle Engineering, so the benefits of this career pathway for us are quite clear.”