Automotive Stillages

Our main aim is to give our customers the confidence required to secure contracts with OEM's, as a result of our QSV philosophy.

Pendle Engineering are a trusted Tier 2 supplier of automotive stillage steelwork. We are able to supply single samples, mid-sized batches, or large scheduled orders. Our largest order to date saw us supply over 500 stillages on time in full, with the highest level of quality achieved (in accordance with OEM specifications).

What sets us apart as a supplier of automotive stillages?

  1. Our attention to detail. Our background in office furniture has created a no-compromise approach to product quality. All welds are left neat and unsightly weld spatter is cleaned, while sharp edges are also removed.
  2. Investment. We have all the kit required to be a one-stop-shop for your steelwork. Our sheet metal capability means we can manufacture the sides and pent roof in the same factory as the stillage framework. Less “margin on margin” and better value for our customers.
  3. Finishing. We epoxy powder coat, rather than wet spray, our automotive stillages. This provides a fantastic finish offering increased protection against bumps, scrapes and rusting when compared to a wet spray paint application. We also provide stenciling, ID plates, and product card holders and pre-fix of rivnuts (where required).
  4. Transport. Our trusted haulage network means we can efficiently deliver your automotive stillages. This is very important because the very nature of the product means you are shipping lots of fresh air.
  5. Material. We have excellent relationships across our wide range of steel suppliers, giving us a competitive edge when it comes to sourcing the right material at the best price.

Please get in touch to see how Pendle Engineering can help make your product even more successful.