Rail Projects

A tight-scheduled project to lengthen a platform at Chiltern Railways' third busiest station, High Wycombe

Pendle Engineering were involved in part of an ongoing ¬£4 million project by Network Rail. At the end of April 2015, they began work at Chiltern Railway’s third busiest station, High Wycombe. The aim of the project is to lengthen the northbound platform at the station – reinforcing Network Rail’s and Chiltern Railways’ commitment to provide capacity for an extra 1000 passengers into London¬†during morning peak by April 2019.

We were involved in various areas of the project; supplying Tata Steel Projects (now known as Systra) with the structural framework of the platform, the base of the platform itself and fencing. The project involved some extremely tight deadlines and multiple scope changes along the way, but we pulled out all the stops and the platform extension was signed off on schedule.

“The last few months have been extremely challenging to say the least, but we all pulled through and demonstrated a true example of collaboration. This would not have been possible without all your efforts.”