We offer a range of machines for all your cutting needs, whatever the material or job size.


Tube Laser: Our highly skilled programmers can work with any shape of tube to cut quickly and accurately, leaving no sharp edges. Tube profiles include: round, square, rectangular, oval and other special profiles. We also have the capability to profile virtually any geometry type and specific ‘cod-mouth’ to any tubes during the cutting process.

Flat bed Laser: Using nesting software, we can work with a wide range of sheet volumes to give you maximum efficiency and accuracy for projects of all sizes. Our machines accept most file types, so if you already have a drawing for the project, let us know.

CNC Mitre Saws: Our suite of fully automated saws can process a pack of steel at a time, cutting to length precisely. Perfect for use in mass production, our CNC mitre saws also cut to a large range of angles, including multiple angles within the same cutting operation.

Deburring Equipment: It may be necessary to remove sharp edges from a cut product; with a full suite of deburring machines we are able to include this as part of the project.

  • "Using laser cutting methods allows our customers to take their product design to the next level."