Product Finishing

Our wide range of product finishing services, from powder coating to zinc plating, means you can find something to suit your individual project needs.


Our comprehensive powder coating facility, with a 600ft automated track, enables us to efficiently process jobs both large and small. This facility boasts a pre-treatment plant to remove any grease or contaminant from your product prior to painting. Our automatic spray booth ensures consistent coverage of paint, and hand-spraying means any hard-to-reach areas are coated correctly. Products can be coated with primer prior to paint, and we have a burn-off oven to facilitate any re-spray requirements.

For larger powder coating tasks, we have a custom-built offline spray booth and large stoving oven.

We also offer a range of other product finishing services including a large Wet Spray facility, Zinc plating, Chrome plating (Commercial Mirror, SatinĀ or Brushed finish), Galvanising, Anodising and Plastic Coating.

If your product requires on-line assembly or bespoke packaging, no problem. Our expert team have years of experience in getting your product ready for your customer, reducing the time and cost of handling parts at your end.

  • "In many ways, the finish is the most important aspect of a product. The end-user will always demand a high-quality finish, and we provide that to our customers."