Shot Blasting

Whether as a sub-process in an existing project or as a process on its own right, get in touch today for a competitive shot blasting quotation.

Our air-powered shot blasting plant uses compressed air to propel chilled iron filings onto metalwork in order to remove unwanted paint, rust or scale from steelwork. The process is done by hand using a nozzle within a sealed, custom built blasting room. Shot blasting greatly improves the finish of a painted product, and gives additional protection against rust.

Our blasting room is large enough to accommodate products of up to 5 metres in length and is forklift accessible allowing us to work on parts weighing in excess of 2 tonnes.

Having wet spray and powder coating paint facilities in close proximity to the shot blasting room allows us to give your product the highest-quality finish on shorter lead times.

The image below to the left shows steel plate before the shot blasting has taken place. On the image to the right, after the shot blasting has taken place, you can see all rust and rough surfaces have been removed.

  • "Usually a very expensive subcontracted operation, shot blasting can often be a headache for our customers. Since we installed our very own shot blasting facility in January 2015, those headaches are a thing of the past."