Investing in People

Author:   Date: 27 Nov 2019

Pendle Engineering has been making quiet changes over the last few months; some have involved maintenance on our shop floor, improvement and investment in our building and machinery and also in our people.

How can we invest in and improve people? Well for the first time in our 40+ year history we have a dedicated Human Resource Manager. Isobel has been with us for a few months, In that time she has set aside time to speak with each employee to find out what we all do, and what we would like to see to improve and move the business forward.

Some short term and easy fixes have already been introduced, and the longer term plans have been set in motion. One important change is that our induction process has been formalised and improved under her guidance.
Our aim in having HR in place is to provide an environment of opportunity and recognition where people can thrive; after all everyone does something vital to help the company succeed.

Isobel previously worked in a leadership role in secondary education; her key skills of patience, practicality, drive, diplomacy and ability to coach people will transfer well into the engineering industry. We are sure that her role will grow and develop further over time due to her abilities and dedication.