Meet our ‘Apprentice Student of the Year’

Author:   Date: 7 Sep 2018

Thomas Marchant is one of our third-year apprentices here at Pendle Engineering, specialising in Welding & Fabricating. Last week he attended the Nelson and Colne College Star Student Award’s in which he left with not one but TWO awards, ‘Apprentice Student of the Year’ and the ‘Gold Award’.

Tom is 19 years of age and his hobbies are fell/mountain running and cross country running, having represented Lancashire in all those disciplines. His is captivated by messing around with cars and structural projects, seeing the progression from start to finish and what goes into making a structural project successful, getting stuck in with the build and seeing the managing side also interests him.

Following up from Tom’s success at the awards, we decided to do an employee spotlight based on his time here with us at Pendle Engineering.

–          Why did you chose a workplace apprenticeship?

‘I was always interested in the progression of my own skills and getting the most out of myself as possible. Learning new skills and being able to be independent. To be able to grow as a person. My dad began his career as a toolmaker apprentice and progressed into the Navy as an engineer, chief of nuclear watch on board a nuclear attack submarine for 25 years travelling to different ends of the world. Once he left the navy he then moved onto working at Rolls Royce therefore his career choices got me into an engineering apprenticeship.’

–          What led to you choosing Pendle Engineering?

‘I chose Pendle engineering to venture into something different, as welding and fabricating had been a big interest in mine after learning about all the different engineering sectors and career paths I could go down. When I came for my interview to look round, my interest in the company grew more and more having seen what they have to offer and the great team around supporting each other as well as the fantastic machinery and equipment available to carry out the jobs. The projects in which Pendle have to offer are really interesting and it took my fancy as to what I was looking for, something that could grow my character and skillset.’

–          What skills have you gained whilst being part of the Pendle team?

‘Whilst being part of the Pendle team my welding and fabricating skills have grown massively. I have learnt how to use most machines within the company such as the press and the sheet rollers etc.… my team skills have also grown and being apprentice representative, I have shown great managing skills in helping all years of apprentices. My confidence has grown as a person and I am more confident in carrying out bigger projects Pendle engineering have to offer. My problem-solving skills have taken a real turn and grown dramatically.’

–          What is your favourite memory while working at Pendle?

My proudest moment so far is achieving Apprentice of the year for the company and also being at the Pendle Business awards when the company won technology and innovation of the year award.

–          Where do you see yourself in the future?

I envisage myself to have built a successful career at Pendle engineering as a welder fabricator and to continue my hard work progressing up to a successful managers position.

–          What is your favourite thing about working in the engineering industry?  

My favourite thing working in the engineering industry is the different projects I can carry out on a day-to-day basis, no day is the same and it keeps me growing as a person in confidence and learning new skills.